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Kirill Yandovsky

Website Promotion: SEO in the US and Europe

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Case Studies. The US and Europe

Website promotion for a software development site. Region of promotion: the US

Categories: blockchain software development, cryptocurrencies, stock exchange, Forex.

Traffic growth throughout the year
YOY traffic growth

The site is new, launched in November of 2019. The moderate amount of traffic is due to the niche category. Started with crowd marketing (Quora and Reddit in this case), so the emerging new links wouldn’t give Google a cause for suspicion. Went on with buying links ($1000-1500 in a monthly budget) via SAP as well as (primarily) direct purchases through webmasters.

Growth of referring domains
Growth of referring domains

Adult content website. The US and Western Europe

Продвижение сайта Adult тематики в США
Adult content website promotion in the US

November-February: daily Google clicks increased from 50k to 75k. The key to success was purchasing anchor links from thematically similar sites with high DR plus creating landing pages for high-frequency requests and amping them up with high-quality links.

Korean cosmetics online store. The US

Promotion of an online store of Korean cosmetics in the United States
K-Beauty store website promotion in the US

Notably niche project. The growth achieved through internal optimization and buying links via SAP.

Tour guide-interpreter website promotion. Spain, Argentina, Mexico

Promotion of the website of the guide-translator. Spain, Argentina, Mexico
Tour guide-interpreter website promotion. Spain, Argentina, Mexico

The promotion is based heavily on link building and redirecting trusted thematic domains to the primary domain.

Tour guide-interpreter website in Saint Petersburg. Promotion in France

Promotion of the translator guide website in France
Tour guide-interpreter website promotion in France

The project’s emphasis is on building the link mass.

Case Studies in Russia

Air conditioners. Moscow

Website promotion in the subject
Promoting a website under the “air conditioners” category in the Moscow region

Auto Repair Service. Moscow

Website promotion in the theme "Car service" in the Moscow region
Promoting a website under the “auto repair service” category in the Moscow region

More foreign projects, as well as my other body of work, in the Portfolio

Pricing: SEO Promotion

SEO consulting — 65$/hour

Website promotion in Russia and CIS — 850$/month

1 month minimum. Focus on usability and internal optimization.

Website promotion in the US and Western Europe — starting at $950/month

3 month minimum. Focus on link building and content marketing.

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My name is Kirill. Promoting foreign websites since 2009.

  • There are no risks: I don’t make experiments at your expense. All websites are promoted using techniques which efficiency I personally verified.
  • You save money: I buy links directly from webmasters = minimum cost for the maximum result.
  • Your site won’t be banned: I use white hat promotion techniques only.
  • I work with all categories, from online stores to adult content sites.


1. Creating a definitive promotion strategy, with deadlines

  • Checking link donors of the competitors.
  • Checking link donors of the competitors.
  • Finding the highest-performing (in terms of gaining traffic) articles of the competitors in order to improve yours.

Outcome: we discover the strongest points of the competitors and use them to our advantage.

2. Building a semantic core — compiling keywords and key phrases that precisely define your project’s theme and are marketable.

Outcome: visitors easily discover your site, which gathers traffic and sales.

3. Completing technical audit — scanning your website for programming code and internal optimization errors. Creating meta tags based on the analysis of your successful competitors.

Outcome: Your website becomes fully optimized.

4. Giving a statement of work to experienced copywriters and buying links throughout the entire promotion period.

Outcome: Your articles are better than your competitors’.

5. Buying links based on link profiles of your competitors.

Outcome: Your website is ranking faster than your SERP competitors.

6. For websites promoted in Yandex I analyze and work with behavioral factors.

Outcome: Yandex Top 1 in high-frequency requests in the first month of promotion.

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