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Kirill Yandovsky

Three best cases across Russia

Air conditioners. Moscow

Website promotion in the "Air conditioners" theme in Moscow
Website promotion in the «Air conditioners» theme in Moscow

Car service. Moscow

Website promotion in the "Autoservice" theme in the Moscow region
Website promotion in the "Autoservice" theme in the Moscow region

Balcony Glazing

Website promotion for a company dealing with glazing of balconies in St. Petersburg
Website promotion for a company dealing with glazing of balconies in St. Petersburgе

Foreign projects, as well as other projects that I have ever been involved in, see the page Portfolio

SEO pricing

Website promotion in Russia and the CIS — from 45`000 rubles

From 1 month. Focus on behavioral factors and internal optimization

Promotion in the USA and Western Europe — from 60`000 rubles (or from 850 $)

From 3 months. Focus on Link Building & Content Marketing

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How exactly can I help you?

Why should you trust me and why will I help you 100% of the time?

My name is Cyril. I have been promoting foreign sites since 2009.

  • You do not risk anything — I do not experiment with your funds. All sites are promoted by methods that I have tested in practice
  • You save money — I buy links directly from publishers = minimum cost and maximum effect
  • Your site will not be blocked — I promote sites only with white methods
  • I work with any topic — from online stores to adult sites


1. I create a clear promotion strategy with deadlines

  • Looking at competitors’ link donors
  • Looking for ways to buy links from them
  • I identify the most successful (traffic) articles of competitors to make yours even better

Result: we discover the strengths of competitors and use them to our advantage

2. I compose the semantic core — I collect search phrases that most accurately convey the topic of your project and are selling

Result: visitors find your site easier, which increases traffic and sales

3. I conduct a technical audit — I scan the site for program code errors and internal optimization. I form meta tags based on the analysis of successful competitors

Result: Your site is fully optimized

4. I give terms of reference to experienced copywriters and regularly purchase links throughout the entire promotion period

Result: You get better copy than the competition

5. I buy links based on the link profile of your competitors

Result: the site is moving in search at a higher pace than competitors in search results

6. For sites promoting in Yandex, I analyze and work with behavioral factors

Result: Top 1 in Yandex for high-frequency queries for the first month of promotion


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